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What is TensorFlow?

What exactly is TensorFlow? All About Google’s Latest Open-Source AI TensorFlow is an open-source second generation of the Google Brain system. Verion 1.0.0 was first released in February 11, 2017. TensorFlow is capable of running on multiple CPU and GPU platforms....

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Top 7 Social Media Tips of 2017

Blog Roundup: The Top 7 Social Media Tips of 2017 Social Media Tip #1 - CONTENT IS KING! This article from Vogel Marketing outlines some great tips for keeping your social media posts down-to-earth. What's the key takeaway? Tell don't sell! You need to be adding value...

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Copywriting Agency in Birmingham Al

Best Copywriting Agency in Birmingham Al Gets the Job Done Write If your website doesn’t rock, neither will your business.  At Webology, our job is to provide the best copywriting agency Birmingham Al and the rest of the world has ever experienced so we can turn your...

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Template Sites: When Do They Make Sense?

Does it Make Sense to do a Template Site? Or Should I Spend More for a Custom WordPress Site? I almost titled this article, "Sure you can get a website for a fraction of what we charge! But what are you getting?" Sometimes we're not the best fit for a client that's...

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