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Online Digital Marketing:
Birmingham’s SEO Search Engine Optimization Farmers

What does SEO Search Engine Optimization have to do with farming? A lot if you’re taking the right approach to your website marketing. Think about how a farmer grows crops. They don’t start with a fully-grown tomato plant! It all starts with a seed. Then comes the water, soil, and fertilizer. Occasionally the farmer must remove a few weeds. That’s how we model our SEO Online Digital Marketing Strategy. We start with a responsive website design that provides a good user experience. That’s the seed. Then we water that site with SEO On-Page Optimization to make Google happy. We apply fertilizer in the form of Link-Building Strategies. That’s where we get other websites to link to you. It makes Google happy to see trusted websites linking to yours.

Occasionally we have a few weeds pop up. Specifically, I’m talking about links coming in from bad sites. We disavow those links for you so they don’t hurt your standing with Google and Bing. Probably the most important thing for both plants and websites is constant attention. Just link a farmer looks for problems and opportunities in his field, we constantly work to improve your website traffic and monitor its performance. We’re Birmingham’s SEO Search Engine Optimization Farming Experts.

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Birmingham’s SEO Farmers:
Thinking Outside the Box

So, what does all this mean for my Online Digital Marketing Strategy? No, we’re not showing up at the office each day in overalls and straw hats to build sitemaps and perform inline CSS testing. That would be ridiculous. But we do think outside the box. Expect a radically different approach to Online Digital Marketing Services, but also know that we will focus on fundamentals.

Webology simply believes in starting with a good foundation and building from there. We work to bring our clients value by driving sales to your website. However, it takes time just like growing a tomato plant does. We generally won’t see sales results with SEO solutions for at least four months. That’s why we provide constant reporting to our clients throughout the SEO Search Engine Optimization campaign. We stay in touch.

What to Expect in an SEO Farming

First, you’re going to have a strategy session with your project manager. That’s where you devise KEYWORDS that best target your potential customers. You’ll discuss ways to make your site more engaging and user friendly. Most importantly, you’ll plan a roadmap to conversions. We want you to succeed.

Depending on your package, you will get either five, ten, or fifteen keywords to rank in Google. Within a few weeks your project manager will deliver your SEO Playbook. That’s our roadmap to a successful campaign. By month two you will have some tracking data to see how your website is ranking over time. Somewhere between months 3 and 6 your campaign should start to bear fruit. You should be getting leads directly off your website.

SEO is one of the most effective forms of online advertising because you’re reaching people that are already actively searching for your product or service. You’ve probably done it yourself. You might have been looking for a salon, restaurant, hardware store, or electrician. You probably went into Google and typed in something like “residential electrician montgomery al”. Chances are good, you selected one of the top three listings and called that company. Doing SEO right means your business appears in those top three positions for search phrases related to what you do. SEO helps put you in front of people at the right time: when they’re looking for someone who does what you do.

Local SEO

Local SEO might just be the reason you’re reading this right now. If you typed online marketing, SEO, SEM or some other related search term with Birmingham, Tuscaloosa, Montgomery or Hoover behind it, chances are you found us. But we didn’t get there overnight. In fact, at the time of this writing we aren’t even ranking for those terms. We’ll get there though, it just takes time, patience, SEO work and lots of coffee.
I’m totally confident in writing this based on our past results for local clients. We’ve ranked home inspectors, medical clinics, background checks processing companies, a bed & breakfast, auto repair shops and many more on the top of page #1 for local search terms. When people are searching for business that do what you do, make sure you’re at the top of the list with local Search Engine Optimization for Alabama businesses.

National SEO

Ranking for national search terms in Google and Bing can be a challenge. Sometimes competition for keywords makes it tough to rank. Here’s what I mean: Everyone from Wal-Mart to the local artisan shop sells desktop lamps online. Competition makes it difficult to rank for “desktop lamp” in Google. So, a good national SEO strategy depends on starting out with niche keywords. These are the less-common search phrases that still get some decent traffic.

Targeting these phrases lets you rank early on while building site authority. Eventually, your site’s authority will allow us to rank for competitive terms like “desktop lamp”. Until then, we need to find niche search phrases like contemporary desktop lamp, pivoting LED lamp, or rustic desktop lamp. While search volume is going to be lower for these terms, we can rank quicker and capture market share faster. National SEO campaigns take time and perseverance. But we can rank for some niche terms early on to deliver a faster ROI.

Mobile Search Engine Optimization – Getting on the Map!

Local businesses need an effective SEO strategy to help reach more customers. We’re a mobile society! When you’re on-the-go it’s easy to pull out your phone and look for a restaurant, coffee shop, hotel or gas station “near me”. This brings up a map with several local business results. If your business isn’t on that map, customers are visiting your competition instead. Webology helps local business get on the map in four easy steps. Google/Bing verification, technical SEO, local citations, and reviews all help your business rank. Once we get you on the map, “near me” means your business instead of the competition.

Voice Search Optimized SEO – Ranking Long-Tail Keywords

What are long-tails? Well, it’s not some rare fish you brag about catching off the Alabama Gulf Coast! Long-tail keywords are search phrases of five or more words. At this point you’re probably wondering why anyone would bother ranking in Google for those right? After all, no one is going to type in a phrase like “who is the best professional Web Design & Development Services company in Birmingham AL”. You’d get carpal tunnel before you got through typing development! But voice search is different. More and more people are saying okay Google or Hey Siri instead of typing or tapping. And voice searches tend to have longer phrases. It’s human nature. We like things to be easy, and you can say 10 words with ease versus typing it all out. It’s better from a relevancy standpoint, because the searcher is going to get very specific results with long-tail.
From a marketing standpoint, this is an area your business needs to exploit now. For years, SEO specialists have focused on dominating highly-competitive short phrases. But the growing world of voice search is an untapped opportunity. So far, there’s little competition for these phrases and they work well with local search. It’s a digital gold-rush. Just like the Oregon Trail, but without all the dysentery and river crossings.

What Does It Cost To Farm Sales
With SEO?

Your project manager will help you determine the right options for you. While everyone wants to save money, it’s pointless to underfund an SEO campaign. We have to look at the strength of your competition to find a package that’s going to rank your site. Here’s a breakdown of our current Online Digital Marketing Solutions – SEO Search Engine Optimization Services packages:

Here’s a breakdown of our current packages:

SEO Homestead

$1,000 first month and $400 each additional month.
Includes 5 targeted keywords, 1 article, and 10 backlinks per month

SEO Farm

$1,600 first month and $800 each additional month.
Includes 10 targeted keywords, 1 article, and 15 backlinks per month

SEO Ranch

$2,000 first month and $1,600 each additional month.
Includes 20 targeted keywords, 2 articles, and 25 backlinks per month

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SEO Search Engine Optimization and other Internet Online Digital Marketing Services
We Provide:

Now that you understand our approach a bit better, just what services do we provide? We’re a creative online marketing firm based in Birmingham, Alabama. However, we do consultation work for clients all over Alabama. So, if you’re in Hoover, Tuscaloosa, Montgomery, or Huntsville give us a call. We love visiting our clients on location to get to know their way of doing business.

That helps us design an online marketing strategy with different elements of these services we offer:

  • Website Design and Development
  • Search Engine Marketing (Pay-Per-Click)
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Text Marketing
  • Banner Ads and Targeting
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Content Marketing
  • E-Mail Marketing
  • Conversion Monitoring and Analysis