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About Webology SEO LLC | Web Development, Design & Online Marketing

Webology SEO LLC is a creative design and online marketing agency located in Birmingham, Alabama. We’re a full-service online marketing firm that specializes in high-end website design and Search Engine Optimization (SEO). We build custom websites and rank them in Google for our customers. But that’s not all we do! Webology has the expertise and tools to take your online marketing to the next level. We manage pay-per-click advertising, e-mail campaigns, banner ads and content creation for our clients. We’re also great with mobile development for Android and iOS.

Website Development Services
We started in 2013 under the name Blake Development with little more than a laptop and a dream. Initially, we focused on website development and design. We’ve built on that foundation to deliver high-quality websites and many other services for our clients. Development is still at the core of what we do. We provide expert website development to clients around Alabama and elsewhere. We can help with anything from a basic WordPress brochure site to a high-end site full of animations and eCommerce. Do you want static HTML for faster load-times? Or, would WordPress be a better option for frequent content updates? These are the kind of questions we help our clients answer during a free consultation.

Website Design Services
Design is everything. It’s your digital first impression. We can send people to your website all day with SEO, but what does it look like when they get there? Does the color scheme compliment your logo? Is the design responsive to different screen sizes? If it’s not, you will never rank your site in Google. Do you have a design that highlights your product or service in a manner that’s easy to understand? What about conversions? Is it easy for site visitors to contact you, or are they left wondering how to reach out?

Search Engine Optimization
SEO is a term many outside the only marketing world aren’t familiar with. It simply means ranking a website in Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines. Getting on the map or ranking at the very top page for certain search terms is the goal of an SEO campaign. SEO can help businesses grow by generating inbound leads through the Search Engine Results Page (SERP). Once we bring people to your website with SEO, it’s our goal to convert them into customers by developing a compelling website that captures leads.

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